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The Space Cowboy has officially broken over 40 Guinness World Records for his extreme stunts, earning him more world records than any Australian has achieved before.
This photo shows one of his latest Guinness World Record triumphs; Swallowing 24 swords simultaneously, London 2012.


space cowboy hammer knife-SM!

The Space Cowboy is one of the world’s most extreme sword swallowers and performer of fakir and sideshow stunts. He is known as “The pain proof wonder”, “The man with the iron stomach”, and “One of the worlds most bizarre human curiosities” The Space Cowboy never fails to thrill, shock and amaze his audiences.

His diverse performances can range from 5 to 60 minutes, filled with non stop, outrageous entertainment. He is also capable of designing stunts especially tailored to a specific event or TV show. He has a reputation as one of the finest sideshow acts on the planet and is recognised in the performance world as one of the leading exponents of sword swallowing.

Swallowing multiple swords, table legs, and balloons that can be heard to pop through his neck, via a large pointed spike forced down his throat and a microphone, this is just the beginning to his incredible skills. Remarkably he also swallows a 72 cm sword blade all the way to the hilt (believed to be the longest sword swallow in the world), and glass neon tubes that are powered by 2000volts of electricity, the light shines so brightly you can see them glow red through his skin from the inside… and these are still just the entree, in the smorgasbord of oddities that The Space Cowboy performs. Swinging a 50 litre beer keg from meet hooks through his flesh, and dragging great weights from nothing but fish hooks in his eye sockets is as much an adrenaline rush for his audience as it is for the Space Cowboy.


The space Cowboy performs a variety of the traditional sideshow stunts as well as many of the sacred ritual acts of the Indian fakirs, and witch-doctors. Like “The Human Pin Cushion” and “The Painless Wonder”, this can involve hundreds of kebab skewers and hypodermic needles pushed through his flesh. “The Human Block Head” is the act of hammering six inch nails directly into your face The Space Cowboy also does this with an electric drill, via his nasal cavity. He performs stunts on beds of nails, on beds of swords and he has changed the face of pierced weight lifting and sword swallowing by combining them with modern technology and new ideas.

eye hooks.,

The Space Cowboy’s incredible freakshow stunts are undoubtedly some of the most amazing feats ever performed, and his growing list of Guinness World Records validates this without question.

In 2002 The Space Cowboy was challenged by ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’ to attempt a seemingly impossible stunt. He was challenged to to dag a man the length of the Morrell bridge that crosses the entire width of the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia (110m). The Space Cowboy took the challenge and succeeded. In doing so he gained a new world record for an unprecedented endurance test, this can be still be seen on the ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not TV Show’.

The Space Cowboy performs full body suspensions (His entire weight swinging in the air from two shark-hooks inserted into his flesh), a performance installation inspired by the Native American ‘Sun dance’ (a religious ceremony that include young men being ritually pierced as a flesh offering).

The Space Cowboy performs an impressive range of sword swallowing stunts and is a multiple ‘Guinness World Record Holder’ for sword swallowing including the Guinness World Record for the most swords ever swallowed at the same time (17 swords), and he holds the ‘World’s first’ title for many other sword swallowing stunts like ‘the Worlds First Under Water Sword Swallow (Performed in a tank full of live sharks). One of The Space Cowboy’s most death defying swallows is a 60cm 2000volt glass tube with a microphone on the end (you can hear his gag reflex opening and his heart beating as it shines through his skin from the inside), He also holds the  Guinness World Record for ‘The most weight suspended from a swallowed sword’, he suspends heavy gas canisters weighing 22.4kg from a swallowed sword. “The Black and Decker Digestion Wrecker” is a sword swallowing stunt with a spinning sword blade inserted into an electric drill!

Some of the dangerous things The Space Cowboy swallows:

Multiple swords, long swords, daggers, Curved swords, Kris sword (Indonesian dagger with a wavy blade), long scissors, a bayonet blade that is attached the rifle, table legs, extended medical forceps, 2000 volt glass neon tubes, light bulbs, hedge clippers, weighted swords, balloons,  serrated saw blades, serrated kitchen knives, handleless swords, cement cutting drill bits… and more…

Some of the other death-defying stunts The Space Cowboy performs:

-High voltage Tesla Coil act ‘The Million Volt Man’

-Blindfolded arrow catching

-Snapping various parts of his body into steel jawed animal traps

-The ‘Human Block Head (Hammering or drilling long sharp objects into his head)

-Hook through skull (A large shark hook is inserted into his nose, forced through his skull until the point comes out of his mouth)

-Escaping from a straight jacket, two padlocks and 20m of solid steel chain

-Smashing, chewing and eating broken glass (Bottles and light bulbs)

-Laying on a bed of nails or a bed of swords

-Walking on glass

-Knife throwing (He throws knives backwards, forwards, behind his back and even blindfolded around his beautiful human target)

-Chainsaw juggling

-Dangerous stunts on a 3m (9 foot) unicycle

-Smashing a cement slab balanced on his head with a large axe

And more…


The Space Cowboy juggling a running chainsaw on a tall unicycle! – A world record stunt!!!


Video Links:





-The Human Blockhead (Drilling a 6 inch drill bit into his head)
-The Pain Proof Wonder (Snapping a rusty steel jawed dingo trap with serrated teeth on his bare flesh)
-The man with the iron stomach (Eating broken glass)
SM 5
-Two hook body suspension
-Guinness World Record ‘Weighted Sword Swallow’





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